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Sarah O'Boyle

Central Chairman

Sarah has been a member of Shrewsbury WF for 16 years and has served as Chairman and Secretary several times. On first joining Executive in 2007, she was Annual Day Secretary but was reallocated to administering the website. Married for 32 years, she has three adult children who all live locally. She organises film nights in her local village and in her spare time she enjoys gardening, travelling and eating

Madeleine Tattersall

Scattered Members' Secretary

Madeleine retired from nursing to pursue a career in music.  She has three grown-up children and enjoys early music and opera.

Leonie Henderson

Central Secretary

I am 69 and have been a member of Stour Valley Wives since I was 23, soon after I was married.  My three children, two boys and a girl, all live in different parts of the country. I have four young grandchildren and I babysit fairly regularly for days at a time.Although now retired, I trained as a secretary which, over the years, has been quite useful:  I edit the village magazine and am fairly computer literate. I enjoy reading, gardening and crafts, I am also a beekeeper with a keen interest in wildlife. Music gives me immense pleasure.  I sing, and enjoy concerts, the opera, ballet and the theatre.  I enjoy travelling and worked for a while in Israel with the Foreign Office.

Wives Fellowship and, in particular, Stour Valley Wives is a very important part of my life. I have made lifelong friends within it and it has shared both times of joy and sustained me in times of trouble and grief, most recently following the death of my husband four years ago. I’ve been treasurer, programme secretary and chairman and have helped to organise our Autumn Conferences, Regional and Fellowship Days. 

Alison Osborne

Central Treasurer

Carolyn Mills


I have been a member of the Cheltenham branches for over 25 years. When I first joined we were Wives’ and Seniors, but following amalgamation we split into 3 all-age groups and I am now a member of Cheltenham 3. I have been the Secretary and Programme Secretary and have recently finished a three year stint as Chairman. I thoroughly enjoy being part of WF and have made so many good friends along the way. 

I was the secretary of a cricket club for 13 years which as an avid cricket follower was an absolute pleasure. The role also involved organising cricket teaching in local schools which was great fun.

I also worked in a chemical trading business until several years ago.

I have two children, a married son who lives in London and newly-married daughter who lives in Kenya.

I belong to a walking group, a book club and enjoy playing tennis.

St Christopher's Representative

I have been a member of Wives for 16 years with a substantial break.  Originally, I joined Sanderstead Wives in 1979 but after 5 years we moved to Sussex and I began working full-time. I became active again as a member of Wells Wives in 2007 shortly before I retired. I have been Treasurer at Sanderstead and Secretary at Wells. We recently returned to Sussex where I have joined West Sussex Wives.  We have two adult children and five grandchildren.  I enjoy walking, gardening, opera and playing bridge.

After taking a degree in Mathematics and Physics, I trained as a teacher but soon decided I preferred research and became a Chartered Statistician. My career has been mainly centred on Education – research, teaching and administration. 

Voluntary posts include churchwarden, and Secretary to the Wells Cathedral Council, also trustee of an environmental charity, and a school governor and trustee.  I have been a Regional Organiser for HOST UK  for 9 years, which arranges short visits to British families for international students studying in the UK.

Ann Constable

National Events Secretary

I’ve been a member of Shrewsbury WF for over 30 years, joining when our daughter was a baby. I’m a Shropshire lass who came back to my home county after living in Wales, Texas and Surrey and then introduced my husband to the delights of living “up north”. We have two grown up children, our daughter got married in 2018 and lives in Shropshire and our son David is getting married in 2019 and lives in Pembrokeshire.

After studying degrees in Botany and Zoology, I’ve been very fortunate to have had a varied working life. This has included a research post at University of Houston; being a housemistress and teacher at an independent school; working in business in marketing and area management; and in the charity sector in business development and event management. 

With often working full time my time at WF has been varied. I’ve served as chairman, secretary and regional day chair. I’m now retired and more involved with our local church and community. I love gardening, walking and nature rambles. I’m a keen photographer and enjoy travelling too. I volunteer with West Midlands Butterfly conservation and at a local nature reserve.

Jane Colman

Minutes & Literature Secretary

Jane joined Wives 25 years ago and is a retired teacher.  She enjoys playing golf and is actively involved with her local church.

Regional Forums Secretary and Communication

After qualifying as a nurse in 1980, I married William, a barrister. We have 10 children, five boys and five girls, and I now have one grandchild. 

I joined Women in Fellowship in 1988 after I had produced four children. The Fellowship was a life saver, and I am extremely grateful for all their support. I have been chair of the Wimbledon Branch of the fellowship for 18 months. 

I went back to work after the youngest child started school. I did a return to practise nursing course and then opted to work in schools to be with the children in the school holidays. In the last few years, I was very involved in adolescent mental heath which was occasionally stressful. I became a JP in 2008, working in the criminal and the family courts. I retired from nursing last year, and I now have more time to give to the Fellowship.

Mita Johnson

Website Manager

Mita joined South Trent Wives in 1978 . In 2018 she transferred to Solihull Branch having moved to live closer to her children.  Mita has been a volunteer at the Nottingham Citizens’ Advice Bureau and was also a Magistrate for 20 years.  She enjoys dressmaking and tailoring, playing golf and gardening when time permits.  

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