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Women in Fellowship comprises 70 branches and a Scattered Members' branch. Each branch organises itself differently, finding the best format to suit its members. The programmes of each branch might include a speaker, an outing, a church service or a chat. Some branches have choirs, book, bridge or walking groups. This combination of spiritual, social and cultural aspects deepens and enriches the sense of fellowship within our organisation. 

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We enjoy a varied calender of events around each of the following formats. You can see what is coming up on our Diary in our Members' Area.

Founders' Meeting

This has traditionally been the annual celebration of remembrance to mark the 'founding' of our fellowship on Ascension Day 1916. The Day includes a church service, lunch and a speaker or tour if arranged. In 2012 the format changed and it is now our major Summer National event. It is organised jointly between the host branch and the National Events Secretary. Overnight accommodation and supper is made available for those who have to travel some distance (usually more than 2 hours) for this meeting.


Autumn Conference is a national event held every year organised by a Branch or group of Branches. It usually takes the form of a Church Service on the first afternoon, supper parties provided by the host branch, and on the second day there are stimulating talks from interesting speakers. Future formats of these conferences are flexible - branches may or may not be in a position to offer accommodation.

A Fellowship Retreat (formerly Fellowship Conference) is a time to focus on our faith, arranged by the National Events Secretary to which all members are invited, and husbands are invited triennially. This annual Retreat provides time to relax and to enjoy the company of others. All the venues we use provide a chapel for us to worship in throughout the conference. The Retreat, which is held over two nights, begins with tea on the first day and departure is after breakfast on the third day. 

Branch Officers’ Conference (BOC) immediately follows the Annual General Meeting every third year. This overnight opportunity to discuss matters of importance to WF is for the Chairman and Secretary of each branch (or their deputies). The cost for this event is covered by the annual quota.

Fellowship Days

These are different to Regional Days and can be a day away, time out or time for reflection. It is time to share, for new ideas, and perhaps to read and pray together. The focus is on our spiritual growth. It can be held in a hall, church or any space with comfortable seating that allows for group work. The format is chosen by the Branch and it could be a Church Service followed by discussion, meditations or talks on a Christian theme, or something creative. There are plenty of ideas in the Fellowship Day Guidelines.

Regional Days

These are arranged between branches and form an important part of our activities by fostering the spirit of the Fellowship. These days usually include a special WF service, some form of social gathering and perhaps a talk or visit to some place of interest - the combination of spiritual, social and cultural aspects deepening and enriching the sense of fellowship. With 9 WiF Regions, it is hoped that there will be 9 Regional Days each year!

Regional Forums

Once a year, usually in the autumn, nine Regional Forums are arranged. The meetings are hosted by a branch within the group, possibly in a member's home or at a central venue, and are chaired by a member of the Executive Committee. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss, in a relaxed atmosphere, the ways in which our branches are run and the possible ways in this can be improved.

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